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How to pick the right Toronto Realtor for you

There are many factors to take into account when finding the right realtor for your needs and one that fits your personality. Many times, one is referred to you from a friend and this can often work out well. If you're not satisfied though or aren't referred, than here are some helpful tips to find the best one!

1. Find the realtor that works in the specified area you are looking in and interested in the most. Having someone with the right kind of knowledge and experience in the area is very important. They will understand the small nuances and will be on top of what the market is performing like at that particular time.

2. If you are a first time buyer or younger, maybe you would mesh better with a younger realtor who really understands what you are going through. Also, a lot of the time having a good relationship with them goes a long way in making the overall experience much more enjoyable. So try and find someone who you feel comfortable with and would get along with outside of trying to find a home.

3. Make sure they are working full time in real estate and not just doing this on the side while they really do something else for a living. When it is crunch time and you are trying to secure the perfect property for you, things move very quickly. You need someone who is available at all times to strike when the iron is hot. Having to wait for them to finish their real job in order to work for you is obviously not the ideal scenario.

4. Make sure that your realtor actually owns property themselves. This may seem a bit odd but I personally believe that your realtor should own property themselves. How can you really sell property to people when you don't even own one yourself? Would you trust someone who knows the ins and outs, fully believes in owning property and has grown their portfolio over time. Or someone who hasn't even purchased their own home? Of course, you would rather work with someone who has already done it before you, has the path laid out and can help guide you properly throughout.

5. Your realtor should be responding to you quickly at all times. Obviously they will be busy with other clients so they can't always respond immediately. In my opinion though, if they don't get back to you at the very least by the end of the day you should drop them and move on. It isn't hard to stay in touch with clients and make them feel top of mind. It's how I would expect to be treated and how I treat all of my clients. You should be a top priority for them and if you feel like you aren't, find someone who makes you feel that way.

The biggest take away should be that you need to vibe well with your realtor and actually like the person you're working with. When you feel like you would be friends with them outside of real estate, they respond quickly to your inquiries, they own properties themselves and have knowledge in the area you like, you found a winner!

I hope this helps when finding the right person to work with on either finding the perfect home for you or selling it. If you have any further questions or would like to talk further please reach out. I look forward to hearing from you and have a great day!

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